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Job Openings in MT Companies. Note that Dictation Buddy only began supporting the Infinity foot pedal under version 4.

They have a soft non-slip base which provides enough grip to stay put on any surface. Answering my own question: I spoke with a vendor who said this pedal won't work on virtual machines for the following reason: These pedals are all just universal USB controllers that require vec infinity foot pedal or apps to be able to see and recognize them for use.


This is how I got it working under Linux so that I can assign any keysym to vec infinity foot pedal button which I can then bind to functions in my window manager or programs as I see fit. So this guide should apply to any of them, and a similar process will likely work to get other USB foot pedals setup. My other USB voyage ins are not amie an amie. I'm ashamed to say I was too lazy to check this so glad you did!

Will be really interested to know if things are still working for you in a month's time. I suspect dust is probably the culprit, vec infinity foot pedal least it's easier than dealing with a software blip! I gave my Infinity to my brother about a vec infinity foot pedal ago and told him not to use the middle button as I believed it was causing the pedal to disconnect. I've just checked with him and he says I was right, the pedal works without any problems when using only the left and right buttons. So if anyone's worried about opening the pedal up and cleaning it, this might be the solution for you.

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You could also wedge something in between the middle button and pedal casing so that you don't press it by accident. All rights reserved. Our dedicated experts are here to answer your questions.

Account Representatives are assigned to you, eliminating the need to repeat your situation over and over to different people each time you call. I have not been able to get mine to work. I get the same message. I have tried everything. I have this vec infinity foot pedal same problem. I have a Philips LFH pedal and the pro version. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return it to us for a refund.

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TranscriptionGear is committed to providing the vec infinity foot pedal best customer service experience and the lowest prices everyday. They are made of hard plastic fiber body with soft finish and comfortable on the foot with soft action switches that last long while you type along. So I will keep my fingers crossed this is the issue. Start a discussion.

My VEC/VPE foot pedal that I purchased from NCH doesn't work.

Ask Your Question. Tip : Use Question Form such as " Why?


Thousands of users waiting to help! I'm not sure, I disabled Windows updates long ago.

Foot Pedals VEC Electronics

Unless there are still some things being updated in the background without me knowing" item on Foot Pedal Control on the Express Scribe Help Manual (Help -> Help Contents) if you have not done so already. V-Pedals require USB drivers that are provided on the Windows /XP CD-ROM. You must run the Foot Pedal Setup. Whether you have analog or digital applications, both vec infinity foot pedal and double foot control units are available with customized plugs to fit your every need.

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