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I've never been a fan of typing on a touchscreen, and while typing on the T mobile g2x usb touchscreen is just as good as most other phones out there and Swype is a nice alternative, the keyboard is where the G2 really shines. Keys feel solid and responsive and are spaced adequately so as to prevent multiple key presses. The biggest complaint I have about the keyboard is that the spacebar is smaller than it should be.

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Personally, I wish they'd foregone the programmable Quick Keys in favor of extending the spacebar, and maybe allocated one of them for a more commonly used symbol, such as the apostrophe or exclamation mark. In fact, the narrow spacebar led to the occasional accidental press of one of the Quick Keys, which resulted in the opening of the programmed app. As a result, I no longer have apps programmed to the Quick Keys. But despite these minor shortcomings, the keyboard is still fantastic and is one of the t mobile g2x usb selling points of the G2. The G2's camera works well enough, but it won't be replacing my point-and-shoot anytime soon. The LED flash seems to do t mobile g2x usb decent job and serves as a nice flashlight too.

A number of other reviews have mentioned the lack of a front-facing camera as a drawback, but I personally have no use for this feature, so it doesn't bother me.

Battery life on the phone is good, but not great. Again, this is my first smartphone, so I had to quickly get accustomed to charging my phone every night rather than every few days.

Software updates: LG G2

It's easy to drain the battery completely within mere hours if it's not set up right. I carry a micro USB cable in my bag for heavy use days, and am strongly considering picking up a car charger in the future. On the software front, the G2 ships with a near-stock version t mobile g2x usb Android 2.

Though T-Mobile has make some very minor tweaks and loaded some unnecessary apps on the phone, it t mobile g2x usb runs smoother than most of the other Android phones I've played with. Android still has t mobile g2x usb for improvement however, as I've experienced crashes during my time with the phone to the point that I actually had to remove the batterythough that may be due to some of the apps I've downloaded. Android can also be somewhat obtuse at times.


Uninstalling unwanted apps, for example, is more difficult than it should be; I strongly recommend downloading an uninstaller app. Both keyboards offered light haptic vibration, which we like.


Also included is a specially crafted camera menu system that features a wealth of settings. Nice additions include manual ISO adjustment, scene modes, image stabilization, t mobile g2x usb color effects such as sepia and black and white.

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In our test shots outdoors, the G2x snapped outstanding images for a phone. Even on an overcast day, colors popped, detail was clear, and contrast was high. Under low-light conditions, the G2x performed admirably as well; we didn't notice a lot of noise. t mobile g2x usb

The phone's flash is bright, which can blow out subjects when shot too close. Autofocus was responsive for a phone, with the camera taking about a second to make a lock. There's no dedicated camera button, however, so users must use touchscreen controls.

Device resets: LG G2 T-Mobile Support

Camera The camera in the G2x is a gem in the rough. As you can see in our sample t mobile g2x usb, it takes gorgeous pictures, but we can't help but feel that the sensor and optics are being held back by the software, both in terms of image processing and user experience.

The first cue that G2x might be equipped with a decent camera is the large lens opening, which allows more light to be gathered. Behind that autofocus lens you'll find t mobile g2x usb 8 megapixel sensor which, based on the impressive low-light performance we observed, is likely backside illuminated.T-Mobile G2x Android smartphone. Announced Mar T-Mobile G2x MORE PICTURES. ReleasedApril FM radio, RDS. USB, microUSB Also notable is that the T-Mobile G2x is T-Mobile's first "G-series" phone not made by HTC (unlike the T-Mobile G1 and T-Mobile G2).

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