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Adding this functionality is described in the following sections.

At this stage you have a web site that will build, but further functionality is required. The next step will be to use the Entity Framework to create a mapping from the World database into entities that you can control programmatically. In this stage of the tutorial you will add an ADO. The procedure for doing this is described in the tutorial Section In this part of mysql odbc 3.15 tutorial you will write code to populate the DropDownList control.


When the web page loads the data to populate the list will be achieved by using the results of a LINQ query on the model created previously. In the Design view panel, double-click any mysql odbc 3.15 area.

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Note that the list control only needs mysql odbc 3.15 be populated when the page first loads. The conditional code ensures that if the page is subsequently reloaded, the list control is not repopulated, which would cause the user selection to be lost.

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Save the solution, build it and run it. You should see the list control has mysql odbc 3.15 populated. You can select an item, but as yet the grid view control does not apear. In the Design view, double-click the DropDownList control.

This causes its SelectedIndexChanged code to be displayed. This method is called when a user selects an mysql odbc 3.15 in the list control and thus fires an AutoPostBack event.


The grid view control is populated from the result of the LINQ query on the entity data model. Save, build and run the solution. As you select a country you will see its cities are displayed in mysql odbc 3.15 grid view control.

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In this tutorial you have seen how to create an ASP. This tutorial will use the test certificates from the server test suite by way of example.

The certificates can be found in the directory. To carry out the steps in this tutorial you will also need to mysql odbc 3.15 Open SSL installed. Further details on the connection string options used in this tutorial can be found at Section Adjust the directories according to the location in which you installed the MySQL source code. Creating a certificate file to use with the.

NET client. NET does not support this format natively.

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You will be using test client certificates from the same server repository, for the purposes of this example. You will need to convert these mysql odbc 3.15 PFX format first. This format is also known as PKCS An article describing this procedure can be found at the Citrix website.

MySQL :: Download MySQL Connector/ODBC (Archived Versions)

The file client. This file is used in the remainder of the tutorial. Connecting to the server using a file-based certificate. You will mysql odbc 3.15 PFX file, client.Connector/ODBC is a standardized database driver for Windows, Linux, Mac OS MySQL Connector/ODBC is recommended for use with MySQL Server MySQL Connector/ODBC (Archived Versions). Please note that these are old versions.

New releases will have recent bug fixes and features! To download the .

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