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This is a general equation; if you apply a force with a magnitude of Right angle torque at a distance r from a pivot point, where the angle between vector r and the force vector F is.


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Our Global Brands. Compressor Systems. To right angle torque how this works, take a look at diagram B in the figure, where you can draw a lever arm from the pivot point so that the force is perpendicular to the lever arm.

In other words, only right angle torque components of the force, that is perpendicular to the R, are going to exert a torque. So it's only this component of the 10 newtons that's going to contribute toward the torque, and we can find that. If this was 30 degrees, this is an alternate interior angle. That means that this is also 30 degrees. So these angles are identical based on geometry.


That means this component that's perpendicular, I can write as well let's see, it's the opposite side. That side is opposite of this 30 degrees, so Right angle torque can say that it's gonna be 10 newtons, the hypotenuse would be 10 newtons times sine of And 10 newtons times sine of 30 degrees is five newtons.

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So finally I can say that the torque exerted on this door by this force of 10 newtons at 30 degrees would right angle torque the perpendicular component, which is five newtons, times how far that force was applied from the axis, and that was two meters, and I get that the torque here is gonna be 10 newton meters. Swiss DC servo motor provides precise, accurate right angle torque repeatable torque control.

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Collect and save all fastening data on SD memory card. Residual Torque: Right angle torque the torque value of previously tightened fasteners Peak Mode: Measures torque with no angle measurement or calculation. Other characteristics.

New Right angle torque Only.Find Right Angle Torque Wrenches related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Right Angle Torque. Torque: Nm - Nm Rotational speed: rpm - 2, rpm.

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